Learning, technology and culture

Marc Prensky has been observing and commenting on how we work, live and learn in the digital age for over a decade. And who better than the man who coined the term ‘Digital Native’ to begin the conference by focusing us on the impact of technology on our everyday lives? Drawing on a range of examples and his own observations of how we are developing as individuals and as a society, he will provide some invaluable insight into the future of learning in a technological world.

Future-cation: learning with today’s powerful technology

Marc Prensky, International Speaker, Writer, Consultant

The pace of technological change is accelerating — but culture and attitudes often lag behind. How can we adapt to today’s world while dealing with natural and often widespread resistance? Join practical visionary Marc Prensky as he explores what this challenge means for L&D today.

How to use powerful technology powerfully (and stop worrying about it)
Moving from ‘learning’ to ‘becoming’
Pre-internet culture’s negative impact
What the workplace and schools can learn from today’s learners