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Its the end of the semester again…
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THere’s no easy way around it
no matter how talented you are
your talent is going to fail you
if you not skilled,
you know?
if you dont study
if you dont work hard and
dedicate yourself to being better
every single day.
you’ll never be able to communicate with
people with your artistry the way that you want
it starts with what you see in your mind
can you do that for me?
Stop telling me what your mama
said your going to be
what your daddy said your going to be
stop telling me what your teacher said you cant do
stop telling me what the counselor told you
you cant accomplish
im not interested
There are a lot of people that
are not successful in life
not because you ain’t got talent
not because you aint got skill
but your character aint right
and i told you this before
that of your not careful
your talent will take you places
that your character cant keep you.
so whats your motive?
the reason why you cant get up at 4 o’clock in the morning
the reason why when i say get up at 6
your looking at me like im crazy
is because you dont have that thing
thats driving you
thats pushing you
to say
no to your alarm clock
and wake up
no to the snooze button
when you get that extra assignment
that extra lap
the reason why you cant do it
is because you dont have the right
motive thats pushing the action
whats your why?
Its time for you to look within yourself
that im in charge of my destiny
im in charge here
time to face yourself
talk to yourself in the mirror
im not going to allow anybody
to turn me around
i am determined
that i am going to make it
time for just wishing has past
time for doing
thats the time right now
time for acting on your dream
find out what it is you want
and go after it as if your life
depends on it
so that means that their are some people
who are going to see professor
going to see the T.A.
and even when the professor
said i dont meet with you
my T.A. meets with you
you say i dont wanna talk to your t.a.
i dont pay the T.A.
I pay you to teach me
so your going to have to find some time to meet me
is i got to meet you at the mall
if i got to meet you at your house
you are going to see me
listen to me, all men are created equal
some work harder in pre-season
when i went to college
guys were way smarter than me
4.0’s 3.0’s they went to the IVY league high schools
came to oaport from these great high schools
most of them are not doing what im doing
because it not about where you come from
its about heart
you come to a place where you know
being smart aint enough
you got to have heart
thats how bad you got to want it