With a greater availability of online degree programs, there has been an increased popularity for pursuing a college education online. If you’re thinking of going this route consider these pros and cons before taking the leap:

Flexibility – Online courses offer the freedom of choosing what time to log onto courses. While there are deadlines for homework and quizzes, students can choose to read and review material at their own convenience. This is a big advantage for students working a job and pursuing a career at the same time.
Availability – There is a high availability of online colleges, courses, and degree programs students can compare and choose from. Unlike traditional on-campus learning where classes can get full, online courses offer unlimited availability.
No need to commute – This is a very beneficial advantage for online students because they save time, gas, money, and avoid driving in harsh weather conditions and dealing with heavy traffic. This extra time they save can be used for studying or other important things they need to get done.
24/7 access to material – Unlike traditional on-campus education where you need to be present to attend a course or need to take notes to review material, online courses are always accessible and course material can be reviewed at any time.
Instructor interaction – Online courses offer limited interaction with instructors, the majority being from class discussions and feedback on assignments. With online courses, there is no option for raising your hand to ask a question or having a one-one discussion with your instructor whenever you want. Online instructors can take days to reply to questions and have a very limited role in teaching.
Social interaction – Online students don’t have the option of forming bonds with peers or socializing. This can be a disadvantage for both social and study reasons. Some online courses have a discussion area where students are required to talk about study topics, but beyond this there are no opportunities for social interaction.
Technology requirements – If online students have a problem with their computer or internet connection, they will have to solve it on their own. Many online schools don’t offer technical support and students may miss valuable time trying to troubleshoot problems.

Whether you choose online studying or an on-campus education, having a professional tutor is always a wise choice. Not only will you reinforce course material, but you will stay on track.
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