Seke teachers college 2017

Every year, more and more students seek higher education through the ease and convenience of an online schooling program. With the growing demand for online programs, the Colombia Teachers College needed to keep up with the growing web-based education structure without altering the schools reputation by going completely online. Professors and Administrators have begun travelling abroad to meet the needs of a global student base. To keep their students and staff connected, Columbia Teachers College needed a cloud based communications system that supply them with a global office while also cutting costs.

The ease and reliability of the RingCentral platform gave the Colombia Teacher College the peace of mind of never having to worry about maintaining their communications. RingCentral’s Google integration gives the service enterprise-level quality that increases collaboration and efficiency in the schools administration and in the teacher to student interaction. When the IT staff doesn’t have to worry about maintaining and troubleshooting their communications network, they are free to invest more time in the operations of their extraordinary knowledge sharing community.