On the 4th episode of Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, Mumma & Dadi also turn red as Pappu now has questions about periods, menstruation, bleeding and pads. What happens when your child mistakes a sanitary napkin for a paper-tissue to blow his nose? Tune in to find out. Period! Click to share it on Fb: http://bit.ly/PappuAndPapaEpisode04Periods

Durex & Y-Films ka Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa is the most unique show of it’s kind in India – and probably the world. A 5-part series that attempts to demystify sex and themes around sex including masturbation, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homosexuality in a simple, clean, honest and fun manner. Research clearly shows that sex talk with parents is directly and clearly linked to safer sexual behavior. The series has been heavily researched and ratified by some of the foremost medical experts, top hormonal, gynecological doctors of the country. We hope it creates some genuine social impact, not just locally but globally. So this July… let’s talk about sex, baby!

Check out the trailer here: https://youtu.be/mnzfkjx2p04
The title song here: https://youtu.be/vWjFiObcXsM
And the episodes here:
Episode #1 – Masturbation: https://youtu.be/M2Aa16laoE8
Episode #2 – Pregnancy: https://youtu.be/cUMGUyWfeno
Episode #3 – Condoms: https://youtu.be/n15hlmjPQPg

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Season Finale : Homosexuality

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa now available with subtitles in 9 international languages:
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Loud Seetis for
• Dr. Piya Ballani Thakkar
• Gaurav Pandey

• Papa, Anand Watsa – Anand Tiwari
• Pappu, Punit Watsa – Kabir Sajid
• Mamma, Shireen Shaikh Watsa – Sanjeeda Shaikh
• Dadi, Usha Watsa – Alka Amin
• Daddu, Vishwanath Watsa – Sachin Pilgaonkar

• Producer & Director – Ashish Patil
• Writers – Gopal Datt, Devang Kakkad
• Story Developed By – Amritpal Bindra, Anand Tiwari
• Associate Producer – Nikhil Taneja
• Cinematographer – Adil Afsar
• Production Designer – Pronita Pal
• Associate Director – Shraddha Pasi Jairath
• Art Director – Sandeep Pandey
• Editor – Antara Lahiri
• Music – Superbia
• Sound – Hitesh Chaurasia
• Styling – Bidisha Kohli
• Casting Director – Shanoo Sharma
• Hair & Make-up – Vijay Ajgaonkar
• Chief AD – Mohit Chhabra
• Direction Team – Sayanta Manna, Anugrah Bantawa, Hemant Hajare
• Standby Prop – Nabamita Pal
• Assistant Stylist – Forum Majithia
• 2nd Unit DoP – Zuhair Afsar
• Line Producer – Sikandar Rana
• Casting Assistant – Charmi Gondalia
• Making of & Promos – Taxi Films
• Still & Still Moving Pictures Team – Dimple Mathias
• Post Production Supervisor – Manish Gaur
• Executive Producers – Still & Still Moving Pictures
• Y-Films Gang – Adhiraj Singh, Raunaq Bajaj, Sakshi Gurnani

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Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa | Episode 04 | Periods | Sex Education

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