Today, we’re going to talk about how HUGE programs with millions of lines of code like Microsoft Office are built. Programs like these are way too complicated for a single person, but instead require teams of programmers using the tools and best practices that form the discipline of Software Engineering. We’ll talk about how large programs are typically broken up into into function units that are nested into objects known as Object Oriented Programming, as well as how programmers write and debug their code efficiently, document and share their code with others, and also how code repositories are used to allow programmers to make changes while mitigating risk.

Ps. Have you had the chance to play the Grace Hopper game we made in episode 12. Check it out here!

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First of all I would like to say that I admire your work on youtube and many times your videos helped a lot to go through my university’s projects.

I’m currently doing my final year Computer Science Bachelor Degree and I have started thinking about my master for next year.

I’m a bit confuse thought about what to follow, cause I would like to follow something that it will have a really good impact on my future career, you know.
Im thinking about Master Degree on Computer Engineering cause Im getting really excited dealing with circuits and different components that you have to wire up and then write some code about it.

On the other hand Im thinking about CyberCrime. I think that not many students choose this, these days. So, I’ll have more chances to get a job easily when I finish. Im kind of excited for both, thats why Im kind struggling about what to follow.

All that is my point of view. I would really appreciate if you could share with me your professional point of view. It will really help me out a lot.
If you have any other subject in mind, that it worth to consider feel free to share it with me.

-Kyriakos N.

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