Speak English Like an American ,Get SECRETS of the American accent that even English teachers don’t know about!
How Learning An American Accent Can Improve Your Life
For years, the mystery of the American accent has been a debate. American English is a semi-phonetic language, making it one of the more difficult languages to master. Once the basics have been learned, many foreign speakers find that because of the vowel shifts and speaking habits, English proves to be a frustrating language. Mastering the accent can help in several ways.
English classes generally don’t teach the actual speech patterns of native American speakers. The difference between the spoken word and the written often sounds nothing like how you might expect. In addition, then there are certain words that have multiple sounds for the same letters. This is a memorization process., since there isn’t a pattern to learn these words.
International speakers who are trying to project a professional image will want to learn the nuances of the American accent. Speaking the language gives the appearance of a higher level of professionalism.
In practical situations, non-native speakers will have to interact with traditional American speakers. Whether it is at the grocery store, a restaurant, or any other setting, it is necessary to be able to decipher and respond to standard American English. This will help in making purchases, understanding directions, and handling business transactions.
When dealing with native speakers, there is also the issue of their perception of you. No matter how smart you are, if you are unable to convey basic needs through your English, there will be a negative response to you. Learning to master the basics of the American accent can eliminate this problem.
The English language is so difficult to master because of the nuances and inflections. Many of the basic words run together, losing an entire letter sound between words. How does one learn how to overcome this hurdle?
Learning to master the American accent is an ongoing lesson. It isn’t something that can be done with a few brief lessons, but with time and consistency it can become a natural part of your speech pattern.
The best way to learn the American accent is to speak with Americans who are willing to slow down and help you learn. Native speakers can help you understand the basic semantics and meaning of seemingly slurred words.
Using a language program can help you work on the basics as well. Programs specific to the American accent are useful in helping to identify difficult words and comprehend them in conversation.
It doesn’t matter what your first language is. Acquiring a mastery of the American accent can increase confidence, and ultimately allows you to genuinely feel the language when you speak it. Conversations will be more fluent and genuine, and it gives you an opportunity to connect with the other speaker.
Get SECRETS of the American accent that even English teachers don’t know about!