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When thinking about their future family, Adam and Karen Owens always wanted children. They never dreamt that there story would end in such a unique, large family. Watch their adoption story and how tragically losing their second child Gavin, changed their outlook on life.

Days after returning home with newborn Gavin, the couple realized that something wasn’t right. Gavin was diagnosed with a terminal case of mitochondrial disease. Adam and Karen were devasted to lost their son in November of 2009.

Instead of giving up after this loss, the couple looked into child adoption within their community foster system.

When Adam, Karen and their daughter met a young girl with special medical needs, “it just clicked that this child has no family and that we had to be that family.”

This first adoption made them realize they could continue to build their family in a way that brought both challenges and boundless joy. They are now parents to six (4 adopted) children: Madison, Siah, Angela, Jayden, Harper and their son, Gavin.

Although the Owens family may appear different on the outside, they are just like any other family. Karen has learned that it’s okay to not be comfortable.

Karen says it best when she describes how they found a new look at life after losing their son: “In the moments where I was most uncomfortable and the most scared, the most beautiful things happen.”

Their tips for adopting children in foster care?
Make sure to find a good adoption agency and be open about what you’re willing to accept. A good adoption agency will make sure that your home is a good fit & the parents-to-be have the skills and means to take care of the kids.

Learn more about the Owens and how their inspiring story tells us that dark times don’t mean everything is over – it can be another chapter in your story.

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Detailed Description

Melanie and Byrd “Bud” Billings were brutally gunned down in their home in 2009, with nine adopted special-needs children sleeping nearby. The Billings’ oldest daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Blue, were left to care for her nine younger siblings. Since becoming a parent to the special-needs kids, Ashley says, life has “changed drastically.” Watch to see what the family is up to now and what the children remember about Bud and Melanie.

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