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Help us raise funds & school supplies for children with special needs at the Special Education Center, San Francisco Central School Camotes, Cebu.

The students, inspite of physical & mental dissabilities aswell as financial hardships are very keen in going to school to finish primary education. Some years back, our volunteer group have made them the full beneficiary of the proceeds from a christmas concert.

We are excited to visit the kids this year and everyone is welcome to join. Those who cant go, but has something to share, our kindred volunteer group would be more than happy to hand over your donations for you.

June 10 – Benefit concert featuring Cuarenta, collection of donations
June 11 – school visit, handing over of all collected donations

Some Ideas on what to give:

– Bags/backpacks
– shoes/slippers
– raincoats/umbrella’s
– notebooks
– writing pads
– crayons, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers etc
– art papers & other art materials
– childrens books & other educational materials
– Other forms of donations such as cash, childrens multi vitamins please contact us for details

More info can be found on: