Special needs student, 15, films the shocking moment a TEACHER writes that he is an ‘ugly a**’ in front of his entire class
Stephen Davis, 15, a freshman at Streamwood High School in Illinois, filmed as he we bullied by a teacher
A substitute teacher labeled a cartoon-like monster sketch ‘Stephen’s ugly ass’ in front of the entire class
Stephen, who weighs 330 pounds, says he has been bullied throughout school, but this left him on the ‘verge of tears’
A bullied student frequently picked on by students was victimized by the one person expected to help him in those situations – his teacher.
Stephen Davis, 15, a freshman at Streamwood High School in Illinois, watched in horror as a cartoon-like sketch with buck teeth, hairy ears, bloodshot eyes, tentacles, a scar and a runny nose was labeled as ‘Stephen’s ugly ass’ by a substitute teacher, who did this in front of his entire math class.
Davis, who weighs 330 pounds, recorded the entire incident on his phone, leaving no doubt as to what the teacher did.
Stephen is also getting support on Facebook after his sister posted the video on a page dedicated to things that are happening in the school district.
‘It’s humiliating, and no one should ever have to go through that, and just the fact that it was a teacher makes it even worse,’ said Brianna Davis.
‘No one should do this to anyone, let alone a child.’
John Heiderscheidt, the district’s coordinator of safety and security, said; ‘We’ve reviewed the posting on Facebook and are examining any evidence or statements regarding the incident and anybody who might be involved.’
The teacher, who has not be identified, has been suspended.
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