Coding for a Cause.
Kedar is a programming enthusiast. He loves creating things with code in Scratch and teaching everyone what he codes. From his passion for programming were born 2 inventions.
(1) A storybook called Codeylocks and the 3 bears – which uses puzzle like pieces to teach Kids how to learn programming without a computer.
(2) Extending the book to a board game with 3D objects that teachs visually impared people – both young and old to hone in their LOGIC and programming skills.
As part of his invention, he had to do a lot of problem solving and take the help of people to learn new things!
Kedar is grateful for the learning experience and wants to share all about his invention.
#What inspired him to create his game?
#How did he go about his invention?
#What problems did he face?
#What solutions did he find?
#How did he make his board for the game?
#How did he make his programming blocks?
#How do we play the Storibot?
#What did he learn from his local ‘Make’ chapter?
#How did he test his game?
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