This video has been made by as a resource for students to practice designing an ethogram for use in a study of primate behaviour. Accompanying notes, and further resources can be found at

Note, this is not a complete record of capuchin behaviours – far from it! This video shows a selected few behaviours and variations of them that will demonstrate the importance of defining and coding behaviours carefully before a study.

If you use this video for a class it would make us very happy! Please tell us by leaving a comment or sending a message. Especially if you are a teacher or lecturer!

The monkeys are in the Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre in Edinburgh Zoo.

International Human Resource Management students' Christmas song performance

A video by our International Human Resource Management MSc students in Moscow, featuring their Christmas song performance, ‘HR Map & Jingle Bells’.

This programme is also run in a successful partnership with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, based in Moscow.

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