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The video where I give you my best advice for getting the best marks you can get! And good luck for your exams and I hope you get those A’s and A* or I think they’re called A+ in America??/? Je ne sais pas!¡

Last weeks video, my nail varnish collection –

The sleeping video I mentioned:

T I M E S . . .
Best Apps 00:24
Best Music 03:32
Best Food 07:20
Best Revision Channels 09:33

A U S S I . A L S O
! B O N N E . C H A N C E . G O O D . L U C K !

OMG!! Just found another amazing app called Gojimo! It’s not just for GCSE or A levels but exams for every country and it’s basically a free version of the CCPG apps. It tests you and also gives you model answers and explanations. Andddddd IT’S FREEE!! 😀

The music playlist videos
– studying concentrate music over 2hrs long…
– 6 hours of Beethoven…
– 8 hours of focus music…

The fab revision youtube channels I talked about…

some extra secret websites I found after I filmed shhhh…
the equivalent for the UK is

if you actually read this little box comment “your sister has note goals” as a little thank you for letting me show her revision notes to thousands of people XD

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