Supply and Demand (Economics Cartoon for Kids) Educational Video for Students (CN)

Understanding economics is hard for one of the kids from the neighborhood. Watch this educational video for students about supply and demand as a way to introduce young learners to the world of economics.


Please watch: “U.S. Constitution for Kids (19th Amendment): 19th Amendment/Women’s Suffrage Movement (Crash Course)”

In honor of our continuing partnership with South Sudan, this year’s Annual Conference mission offering will be directed toward support for education in South Sudan.

We will seek to address these specific needs:

– Greater access to education, especially for girls
– Post-primary education
– Support for teachers through training, supplies, and scholarships
– Support for students through school supplies and scholarships

Together, we can change the lives of these children and create a brighter future. Together, we can reach our goal of 5,000. Please give generously when your church offering is received in May.