Teaching and Learning with Technology 2013 Keynote Address

“Tech Tools with a Purpose – Right Tool, Right Touch”

Mary Beth Youse, Instructional Technologist from Wilmington University, will share a presentation about utilizing technology to achieve best results in teaching.

From Blackboard tools, Web 2.0 tools, voice tools, Collaborative tools, devices and gadgets, finding the right tool for the job takes some training. Expertise isn’t achieved overnight, but with practice and willingness to learn, you can become a 21st century teacher! Once you have acquired tech skills and tech literacy, learn what it takes to enrich instruction with the right tool, right touch!

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Created for the University of Birmingham; we hear two lectures at the University talking about new ways of enhancing education and learning through the use technology. Created ahead of their Teaching and Learning Conference in June 2013.


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Video Rating: / 5