Teaching English in Thailand. A day in the life of an ESL / TESOL / EFL Teacher. Part 1

New Thailand videos every Wednesday. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/darrenb3. Teaching English in Thailand. A day in the life of an ESL / TESOL / EFL Teacher. Part 1. What is a typical day for an English teacher in Thailand? This video will show you.
You’ve completed your tefl course, got your ESL, TESOL or EFL certification, you’re tired of teaching online, and you want to teach English overseas or teach abroad? Why not teach English in Thailand?
Thailand has a warm climate, friendly people, great food, Thai culture is fascinating, and there are plenty of teaching jobs in Thailand.

A typical day working at a Thai school from start to finish might involve greeting parents in the morning, attending assembly & singing the national anthem, then it’s into the classroom for English classes. A few hours of teaching then it’s lunch time, and then back to the classroom. A typical day might involve around 4-5 hours of teaching and then the rest of the day is lesson planning and marking books. Cultural days, excursions and sports activities break things up a bit sometimes as well and are a lot of fun. Check out my video: Teaching English in Thailand Part 2 for more about them.
Teaching English in Thailand is not an easy job, but it is very rewarding.

To be qualified to teach in Thailand you need a degree and ESL, TESOL or EFL certification. Finding teaching jobs in Thailand is difficult to do online from overseas, it’s much more effective to come here with your CV and door knock schools asking if they have any teaching jobs for an English teacher. Looking at teaching abroad? Have a look into teaching in Thailand!

This is a 6 month update on daily life here in Chiayi Taiwan as an English Teacher. So far everything has been amazing and have little to no complaints. This is a different style video and I would really appreciate your feed back on this.

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