If you’re ever wondering if tablets and study supplements actually work, if you should buy them and if they really do improve your memory, make you smarter and what not then watch this video. Me and my friend Harry take 3 tablets of a “study drug” sold on Amazon and go to the library to revise for our important exam. We want really good exam results on results day. Do study drugs actually work? do study supplements help you concentrate? Should i take study vitamins? Come study with me no study supplements. Do tablets improve your memory? A-level study tablets. GCSE Study tablets. Lots of claims were made, but are they true? Testing Study Tablets That Claim to Make You Smarter… I hope all your gcse exams have gone well. GCSE revision tips. Gcse exam tips. GCSE advice videos arw all on my channel. Especially for the 2018 gcse exams. Same for alevels!

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I am currently studying Bsc Economics and Finance at the University of York! The University of Cambridge didn’t except me. An Economics degree uncovered with Student Vlogs! You can expect to see days in my life (as a UK university student), truths about an Economics degree (at university), Student life hacks, a-level revision tips and how good University really is!!!

►What did you study at A-level????? Edexcel Maths, AQA Economics and Edexcel Government and Politics
►What grades did you get at Alevel????? BBB + C in a EPQ
►What grades did you get at AS?????? BCDE
►When did you start revising for A-level Exams?????? From the Start of Year 13

“MY A-LEVEL RESULTS VIDEO” ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HurAxZouBEQ
“MY GCSE RESULTS VIDEO” ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzYVDpbzNbY

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