A short video that helps students put standardized tests into perspective, dispels a few myths about testing, and draws upon personal experiences to remind kids that tests do not define them. The video also highlights some simple research-based activities that reduce test-anxiety.

It is my hope that teachers in classrooms across the country play this video for their students and then discuss the message, themes, and tips. The simple writing exercise at the end is just one more way educators can reduce stereotype threat and help close the achievement gap. I have enabled a Creative Commons license, so please share widely. I have also uploaded and synced a video transcript to help make the video more accessible to all kinds of learners. The video can be played full-screen in 1080p HD. I recommend watching it once without captions, then discuss it with students, and play it again with captions on.

Please share your comments below. If you like the video, click the thumbs up to show your support, and please send it to your friends, colleagues, and family so that we can remind students all over the world not to let tests define who they are. You can also talk to me on twitter @KumarSathy or visit http://www.BeyondTestPrep.com for more tips.