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You’ve probably noticed that one-page websites are a big design trend right now. The key component of a one page site, really what makes it work, is easy navigation. This means being able to click on a link and land on a designated space on the page, as opposed to a new page entirely, like so. And, the way you designate that space? Anchors!

Anchors can help make navigation easier on pages with a lot of content. Gone are the days when your visitors would have to scroll endlessly through your website to find what they are looking for. You can use anchors to bring them directly to the information they want.

Anchors are easy to add. First, go to the Add menu, under more, and select the anchor. Name it, so you’ll be able to find it easily as you add more. It will appear on the page as a thin blue line. Move it around if you wish, most likely the top of a new section on your page. You can link anything to an anchor: buttons, text, images, even your menu options.

To add a menu item and link it to an anchor, under the Pages menu, click “Add Page.” Select “Link” from the mini-menu that pops up, and choose the anchor you’ve created. Voila!

Another cool thing you can do is create an anchors menu, pinned to the side of your screen. Find it in the “Menu” section of the Add Menu. Drag and drop the one you like the best. That’s it! Your anchors will automatically be included. A great thing about this feature is that it recognizes the background color, so it will always be visible.

Pro tip! When using anchors on a long webpage, make sure to divide your content visually. You may want to use strips of color, or horizontal lines to differentiate between sections.

Check out some beautiful one-page websites to get design inspiration, and play around with functionality. You can find a lot of examples from real-life users in the Explore tab on Wix’s menu. You’ll also find one-page templates you can edit for your own site.

Anchors aweigh!