Understanding Addiction Counselor Certification

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There is a lot of confusion about Addiction Counselor Certification. This video attempts to provide a guide to understanding the addiction certification process. It discusses certification, NAADAC, TIP 21, and state certification boards.
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The initial Mississippi Alternate Teacher Certification courses are designed for students who have a non-education undergraduate degree yet wish to become a certified teacher. The State of Mississippi requires unlicensed degree holders who wish to be licensed, to enroll in an alternative teacher certification program or another approved program. A qualified candidate must take EDU 501 and 506 (available online or at our Jackson and Olive Branch, Mississippi campuses), pass the Praxis I and II and meet all other requirements for degree seeking status in the MAT program (only available at our Jackson and Olive Branch, Mississippi campuses) before applying for a three year provisional Class A license. After successfully completing 1 year of teaching and Dimension courses EDU 502 and 503 (offered at our Jackson and Olive Branch, Mississippi campuses) a candidate may apply for a Class A standard (5 year) license. If a candidate completes the Master of Arts in Teaching program they would then apply for a Class AA standard license.