Ginger: Welcome to US Tzu Chi 360. I’m Ginger Chang.  Our feature today brings us to Tzu Chi’s Continuing Education Center in San Dimas, California. The center offers a variety of extra-curricular workshops for adults, which is great for people who want to learn a new skill. We have Professor Lius Diaz, a New York State Certified ESL Teacher who works at NYCs Queens Adult Learning Center with us today. Welcome Professor Diaz! So from what I understand, you are a former ESL student yourself. Can you tell us how it was when you started out learning English? Because learning a new skill takes time and patience, so can you tell us how it was for you

Luis Diaz: In general, learning a new language is extremely difficult, especially if you come here as an adult. It is more difficult to learn any language as an adult than a child. For me, it was very difficult. At the same time, it was very exciting because knowing that, if I knew the language, I would be able to find a good job to support myself, go back to school and continue my education, and that kept me motivated.

Ginger: How come you decide to become an ESL teacher afterwards?

Luis Diaz: I always wanted to be a teacher. One of my high school teachers always told me that if I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, one of the best ways was to become a teacher. Teachers touch people’s lives forever.

Ginger: Well, in the first segment, our volunteer, Lisa Ni, also had to make adjustments too. Lets go see how she was able to do so by becoming an education volunteer at the Continuing Education Center.

In our next segment Footprints, we introduce you to Dolly Chiu. Let’s go meet the education volunteer who teaches Chinese Painting Class on the weekend at the continuing education center.
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