Julia Adams, Elizabeth Breese, David Odo
Description: The Associates in Teaching program is designed to extend the range of teaching experiences and responsibilities for doctoral students at Yale. Through this program, a doctoral student may work with a cooperating faculty member to conceptualize or redesign, plan, and deliver an undergraduate course. We hope this program provides a dynamic cooperative teaching experience for a graduate student and faculty member together, with the faculty member offering direct feedback on curriculum, discussion leading, lecturing, demonstrating or whatever teaching practices are appropriate for that course. Nineteen Associates in Teaching courses were offered this year, and twenty courses new courses have been approved for the upcoming year. The Associates in Teaching Program is administered by the Yale Teaching Center and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.



Julia Adams, the current Chair of the Department of Sociology at Yale, and Elizabeth Breese, PhD Sociology ’12, co-taught The Sociological Imagination in the spring of 2011. David Odo, the Bradley Assistant Curator of Academic Affairs, oversees Yale course visits in the Gallery, the Study Gallery, and the Object Study Classroom. He collaborated with Adams and Breese on their course. Elizabeth Breese will be walking at Commencement on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Student Teaching in the Fontbonne University Education Programs

Students in all academic levels of the education program learn through student teaching experiences at area schools. A requirement of education program, students are prepared for their student teaching experiences through professors who have prior careers in the education field.

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